Monday, October 14, 2013

Fix X

Fix X and going strong.
This fix was a little out of the ordinary. 
There were two pieces that had issues, but Stitchfix customer service was fantastic!

dark green/black striped knit tank: RETURN TO SENDER
I really loved this top, but the weather has already started cooling off, so I wasn't planning to buy a tank.
It was also snagged, so it would have been a "no go" anyway.


black and white striped maxi skirt: RETURN TO SENDER
This skirt was cute, but I wasn't in love.


red and black color block dress: RETURN TO SENDER
This dress was really pretty and it was well-made. Quality. 
But it was TIGHT on my chest, so it wasn't going to work.


blue tab 3/4 sleeve embellished blouse: IT'S A KEEPER
I'm a sucker for a this kind of top. The only issue was the oil spot on the front. 
I contacted Stitch Fix to find out what they would suggest.
They didn't have any others in my size to send me, but offered to pay for the dry cleaning.
I decided to buy it and take a chance since I liked it so much. 
The spot is gone and I'm in love.


light blue statement necklace: RETURN TO SENDER
This necklace didn't "fall" well on me so it wasn't very flattering.

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Disclosure:  I am not affiliated in any way with Stitch Fix. I wasn't compensated in any way and was not asked to write this review. I purchased the items with my own money. Referral Link included.


  1. Love the shirt...also that happens to me sometimes and if you put chalk on the oil spots and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing it comes right out.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll try that next time.


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